All quotes and estimates are provided in good faith and are based upon the accuracy of information provided by the enquirer. All quotes are subject to the verification of measurements and conditions supplied by the enquirer. Verification is performed at the sole discretion of Canberra Tree Services.
Canberra Tree Services reserves the right to amend, update or retract quotes that have been provided based upon false, inaccurate or omitted information supplied to or withheld from Canberra Tree Services.

NOTE: TAMS requires that a survey and report be supplied in an application to remove trees under the following circumstances where trees:
are 12 metres or higher or have a canopy 12 metres or wider and/or
have a trunk circumference of 1.5 metres or more, one metre above natural ground level and/or
have two or more trunks and the total circumference of all the trunks, one metre above natural ground level, is 1.5 metres or more.


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